Based in magical Prague, in an ancient, romantic attic, where rays of light, falling through the centuries
old wooden beams, illuminate the swirling dance of the tiny dust-fairies, at an antique, majestic desk,
carved from one piece of spanish oak, forgotten since ages, probably once owned by grandmaster Goethe
himself, this is the place, where whimsical creatures come to life, where creation is just a natural consequence,
where alchemy transforms wood and clay into beauty, this is, where the Muse meets - me.
Well, I might be exaggerating a tiny little bit, but the parts with the “old” and with the “dust-fairies”
are absolutely true!


Vlad The Pale One, always craving for something fresh...

To me creating is a sacred process, because you're in dialogue with your soul.
And at the end, especially, when your creation has a face, your own soul is looking at you. Of course - in my opinion - this applies also for any other form of art like painting, music, dancing, etc, but with those little fellows you always create a "Little You". Or at least a certain aspect of you took form. 
My first doll I made, when I was ten years old, and since it was something like playing then, now it became a passion, that takes in a huge part of my heart and my daily life.
In my former life - at least in the beginning of a long and winding road - I was a bookbinder, and though this beautiful old profession couldn't hold me under it's wings, it already showed me, or maybe only confirmed, that craft and working with my hands ist the right thing to do. Only a little "colour" needed to be added...

My puppets are made from different media, most of them from air drying clay or paper clay, but this year I started to work in wood, either.
While the sculpted dolls and marionettes are mainly collectible items, made for decoration, the wooden marionettes are created by professional technics to perform on stage.

Mourning Magdalen, Banshee Of The Broken Hearts